Rallison (Earlier Rollex) began its journey twenty five years ago with a definite purpose- to offer safe and customer- friendly electrical products that would give complete peace of mind to the customers. In twenty five years many more things have evolved and most notable among them has been the emergence of the brand Rallison – Surely a brand to reckon with in contemporary electrical products.

We deal into the below mentioned products:
  1. Single and multicore wires for all applications

  2. house wiring

  3. FRLS wires & cables

  4. FRZH/LSZH/H cables 

  5. Industrial jelly filled co axial cables

  6. LAN Cables

  7. Telephone (unarmoured and Jelly filled armoured)cables

  8. submersible cables

  9. CCTV Cables

  10. Solar cables

Single and multicore wires for all applications

house wiring

LAN Cables

Telephone cable

11. LT cables

12. Rubber cables

13. Instrumentation cables

14. Industrial speaker wires

15. Industrial / steel braided cables

16. BMS cables

17. HT XLPE cables

18. Aluminium cables

19.copper cables

FRLS wires & cables

submersible cables

FRZH/LSZH/H cables 

Aluminium cables



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