Transparent Solar Cells Set to Turn Glass Surfaces into Solar Panels

A new wave of analysis projects at transparent solar technologies being applied to display screens, cars, and windows, which could supply around 40% of the energy demand in the US.

In the last five to six years, transparent and semi-transparent light harvesting materials have reportedly started to emerge, according to Michigan State University researchers and authors of a review that was presented recently in Nature.( Electrical Engineering consultants company ) The authors have estimated that coating of around 5 to 7 billion square meters of the glass surface in the US with transparent solar cells could generate an additional of 100GW of power.

Solar PV Systems EPC Services
Solar PV Systems EPC Services

Richard Lunt, an associate professor at Michigan State University, and one of the authors of the review working on transparent solar technology said in a press release that they had been working for around five years on the highly transparent Solar PV Systems EPC Services He added that the technology offered a hopeful route to economical, widespread solar adoption on surfaces both small and large. The review discusses three main tactics that lend solar cells transparency and also talks about a related approach called solar concentrations Electrical Engineering consultants company .

The authors point to the advantage of the ubiquity of the technology whilst integrating standard silicon-based solar cells in transparent materials. They also point that the efficiencies could be as high as 14% when thin films of opaque light-absorbing semiconductors covered the entire area. However, the authors warn about observing the effect of coloured light on human’s circadian rhythm.

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