China Builds World’s First Solar-Powered Highway

China took a huge solar energy leap with its one-kilometre stretch of solar highway, which is being considered as the ‘world’s first solar-powered highway’ in the north-eastern Shandong province. This feat has placed China in the ranks of Holland, France, and other countries who have contributed to the idea of making solar roads a reality Solar PV Systems EPC Services .

The one-kilometre long solar highway is set in the capital city of China’s Shandong coastal province, Jinan. And, the 1 km (0.6 miles) highway-stretch that has recently been opened for testing has been developed by Qilu Transportation Development Group. The solar road covers an area of around 5,875 square meters (63,200 sq ft) and has been made of three layers with the topmost made of transparent concrete, which can reportedly withstand 10 times more pressure than regular concrete. ( Government Licensed Registered Electrical Contractors). The middle section is made of photovoltaic panels and there is insulation at the bottom.

Government Licensed Registered Electrical Contractors.
Government Licensed Registered Electrical Contractors.

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