For sustainable growth, along with project execution we have also built a robust service infrastructure to render quality after-sales-services during warranty and post-warranty period. This has enabled us to satisfy our customers’ needs and to get repeat business. Synergy Ecogreen Infratech Private Limited is one of the very few engineering companies in India offering 360° service offering in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing encompassing HVAC, Electrical, Firefighting, Fire-alarm, Fire-detection, Fire-suppression and Plumbing.

O & M Service

Under this service, skilled and trained manpower is provided for ‘Operation’ and ‘Routine Maintenance’ of Engineering Services viz. HVAC; electrical installations which include Transformers, HT Panels, LT Panels, distribution boxes, Generators, UPS, etc.; Firefighting/Fire-alarm; WTP; STP; Plumbing; Carpentry etc. A brief scope is given as under:

  • 24 X 7 operation

  • Attending minor breakdowns

  • Carrying out routine Maintenance

  • Recording readings on hourly basis

  • Identifying possible breakdown and initiating appropriate action

  • Liasioning with statutory authorities for annual inspection and license

  • Coordinating with another vendor

  • Working closely with customer for improving efficiency of utilities

  • Enhancing skills of technician by periodic training

  • Providing value added services

MEP Service

Under this, we offer different types of Maintenance Contracts either in combination or in isolation, both comprehensive and non-comprehensive in nature.
Key services are listed below

  • Providing SLA based and customized services

  • Carrying out periodical Preventive Maintenance Service as per customer’s convenience

  • Quick Response and Resolution of breakdowns

  • Well trained and skilled manpower for handling maintenance activities

  • Evaluation performance of major equipment

  • Adequate Spare Part stock

  • Re-engineering of HVAC / Firefighting system

  • System upgradation / performance enhancement


Product Upgrades and Enhancements (Through revamp / retrofitting the existing system)

These services are primarily targeted at old air-conditioning and firefighting systems. Over a period of time it is quite likely that due to additional load or change in the layout and demand, there is a change and enhancement in requirements.

Under revamp / retrofitting of the existing system, we carry out the detailed engineering on the basis of changed requirement, prepare bill-of-quantities, introduce contemporary energy efficient and intelligent equipment, execute the job and hand over the system for customers’ beneficial use with enhanced life cycle.


Value Added Services

We provide following value-added services connected to HVAC, Electrical and Fire-suppression system

  • Indoor Air Quality management though Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation and Robotic Duct Cleaning

  • Water Management through non-chemical, microprocessor based BacComber which generates ultralow frequency in cooling tower water and converts hard scale forming Calcite into soft non-sticky Aragonite which gets flushed out during blowdown process

  • Integrity Test for ensuring fire suppression through Door Fans Measures